PAM'S PROJECT: Sister Pam Johnson, current secretary and press correspondent for Tent #23 has produced and published a book on the formation and history of the tent from inception through our first few months. She has donated the proceeds of the sale of these books to the tent to assist with our many projects. Click here to view the pages of the book.

75th ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATION OF THE DUVCW BENCH AT CAMP RANDALL MEMORIAL PARK: While it was a short term project, Tent #23 along with sister tents, Cordelia A.P. Harvey Detached Tent #21 of Manitowoc, WI and the Mary Hutchins Detached Tent #22 of Milwaukee, WI came together to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the DUVCW bench at Camp Randall Memorial Park in Madison, WI. Camp Randall was a Union Army training facility during the Civil War for more than 70,000 recruits. Later, a hospital and stockade for 1,400 Confederate prisoners of war was located at the camp. On June 30, 2012 the daughters honored our ancestors by commemorating the 75th anniversary of the original bench dedication which occurred on September 5, 1937. The bench was erected by the daughters as a tribute to our fathers, the Grand Army of the Republic. See pictures below.

MEMORIAL DAY: Tent #23 has vowed to participate in Delavan's Memorial Day Parades and wreath laying ceremony at the Spring Grove Cemetery on an annual basis. 2012 marks the first year the DUVCW has placed a wreath at the Civil War monument since 1930. The daughters also participated in all patriotic parades held in the city.

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER:Mary Chesebro Lee Detached Tent #23 produces a monthly newsletter. If you wish to obtain an electronic copy of this newsletter, please contact

All photos printed with permission.